Download Western Books of Sheba Prokashoni PDF Download

Download Western Books of Sheba Prokashoni
Sheba Prokashoni (Bengali: সেবা প্রকাশনী) is a well-known publishing house in Dhaka, Bangladesh. It was founded by Qazi Anwar Hussain. Sheba’s books have enjoyed great popularity among young Bangladeshi readers, and it is particularly notable for its accessible translations of Western literary classics into the Bengali language.


Western series

These were usually adaptations of pulp cowboy Westerns (by the likes of Louis L’Amour) and introduced the Wild West to the Bengali language. Aleyar pichche was the first Western book in Bangla, written by Qazi Mahbub Hossain. The Western series was also quite successful and ran to several dozen titles.

Download ten western books published from Sheba Prokashoni ( সেবা প্রকাশনী) from here.

Western Books of Sheba Prokashoni
Sheba Prokasoni
Download  Onnesha
Download Odhikar
Download Oboruddo Shohor
Download Oborodh
Download Nithur Poschim
Download Nishijatra

Download Nirjon Prantor

Download Loove

Download Khune Marshal
Download Jot

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